List of cute college girls whatsapp numbers: secret list

delhi college girl

Hello boys and girls. this post is specially for college boys and girls who are looking for new friends online for dating and friendship.  This is the best collection of Girls whatsapp numbers for chat and friendship who are doing study in colleges from different cities.  there are lots of boys that are students and requested us to add college girls whatsapp number so we have curated good list of real working girls whatsapp and phone numbers list. start chatting with girls around your area and make new friends online! if you are interested in long term relationship or just a online dating, you should specify that and people will contact you if they are interested in chatting with you.

Hena Commerce student from Allahabad whatsapp number

delhi college girl

Hello friends, i am hena from Allahabad and looking for some good boys who are of my age so we can share feelings with each other. lets start chatting on whatsapp and be good friends online. we can meet at any coffee shop if you are living in same city or Mumbai. i also go to Mumbai for some work. i am currently doing my study in Mumbai and have some free time so do blogging and photography. so if you are interested in that hobby than we can do it together. i like to make new friends online so if you think you are good at making laugh to others i will like you for sure! i love comedy people who can make me laugh in serious situation. my whatsapp number is given below so if you are searching college girls whatsapp numbers than here your search end. you can contact me directly.

Anjali Delhi public college whatsapp number

girls whatsapp number

Hello cool boys. i am anjali from delhi. if you are looking for girlfriend from Delhi or nearby area and living in India or other country, i am available for online friendship and dating. i like Justin bieber so much so if you have body like home, you can contact me on my whatsapp. we can date online first and than we can move on video calls. i like boys who are good looking and have good sense. there are lots of boys trying on me on my college but i want someone special who can take care of me. start searching on college girls whatsapp numbers and you will find lots of girls but you will not find any beautiful like me. you can try it. i have my personal car and we can go out somewhere near the city. lets have fun and enjoy the life. you can also comment your name and whatsapp number in below comment box so i can directly contact you on whatsapp and we can be friends or something else.


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