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Best collection of cute Girls Whatsapp numbers for chat and friendship

Hello users, as many people requested new 2018 list of working girls whatsapp numbers, we are back with a huge collection of college and working female or girls WhatsApp contact numbers. you can directly get the list of girls mobile numbers from your country or city. or you can also able to chat with girls from another country.

girls whatsapp numbers list

Whatsapp is very popular chatting app. people all around the world use if on their smartphones. so if you are single or want some online friends who can chat with you and share each other’s culture than you are at right place. We provide the best collection of real indian girls Whatsapp numbers so that you not need to ask for any other girls from your school or college and enjoy.  chatting with girls on whatsapp is like dream for many boys and girls from small villages and small city towns. they do not have many contacts and some girls are not that open-minded. that’s why we thought about the all-in-one solution. here you will able to find any girl from your area or the city you like and start chatting with any cute girl from the list on your WhatsApp right away.

How to get girls WhatsApp numbers that are working?

Normally, it is not easy to get any girls mobile number directly. you need to ask her for a number or to her friend, which is a difficult task if you do not know her personally. and even if you ask for her number, there are very fewer chances that she will give you her number without any issue. But, we have the solution. you can search on our website for any girls numbers you like. it is safe and you will able to get connected to girls from another city so no issue at all.

here is how you can get any girls mobile number or cell phone number without any issue.

step 1:  you can search our website here for girls numbers. or you can download our mobile application. click here for download.

girls mobile numbers app

Step 2: install and open app.

Step 3: browse through the girl’s list, click on which you like and click on get numbers.

Step 4: copy the number and save in your mobile contacts.

Step 5: refresh the contact list in whatsapp.

Step 6: done! now send a quick hello to that girl on your WhatsApp and wait for her reply.

note: do not over message girls and irritate her. some of the girls are working and studying so they will reply you when they get free.


Indian girls WhatsApp numbers

India is a very big country full of youth. people from India looks for datings sites to find a life partner. girls from India are really cute and open minded so you can chat with them. because of a better internet connectivity, people mostly use WhatsApp and Facebook with other chatting apps online. if you are from India or other country and want some new friends online than you can use mobile numbers to chat with any Indian girls. people are really good and girls are beautiful. you can date her online or get into a relationship. if you are from India and want your city girls then also you can comment below so we will add you to that city WhatsApp groups.

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teen girl

Name: anamika

Age: 22

Interest: friendship, dating

Whatsapp number: +91748521456

desi girl

Name: shivani

Age: 19

Interest: online dating, chating

Whatsapp number: +91549856214


Name: Pinali

Age: 23

Interest: serious realtionship

Whatsapp number:+91748523652


Name: anjali

Age: 22

Interest: friendship

Whatsapp number: +91658796325


Name: devanshi

Age: 18

Interest: online dating, relationship

Whatsapp number: +91496523658



indian call girls mobile numbers

call girls numbers and name

Not all have good girlfriend or wife and so they want some call girls to get satisfaction. if you also do not have any girlfriend and want some paid fun at your free time than we have some call girls mobile numbers and WhatsApp numbers collection over here. we have collected city wise call girls phone numbers list so you can talk with her any time any type of things. and also they will chat with you naughty things. you can start searching for the call girls names and area so you will find your city call girls easily. if you do not want girls to form your city for privacy reasons, you can select other cities girls and you can call at your place by paying the fees.  check out below list of really nice call girls WhatsApp numbers and have fun on weekends.

call girl name: nimashi

city: surat

WhatsApp number: +91748596523

call girl name: Anu

city: Mumbai

WhatsApp number: +968525415

call girl name: priya

city: delhi

WhatsApp number: +91780025695

call girl name: pooja

city: Delhi

WhatsApp number: +91957985632

call girl name: babita

city: Ahmedabad

WhatsApp number: +917485201

call girl name: bansari

city: baroda

WhatsApp number: +91745263524


Pakistani girls Whatsapp mobile numbers

cute girls numbers

Pakistan is very beautiful country near India. boys and girls are well educated. if you are from Pakistan and looking for girl friend’s whatsapp numbers than you should try this.  we have listed Pakistani girls whatsapp numbers that are checked by us and working perfectly. you can save that number in your mobile contacts and start chatting on WhatsApp or you can send her facebook friend request. get real girls mobile numbers from Pakistani college and schools for dating and relationship.

Name: Afifa

Age: 20

Interest: friendship

Whatsapp number: +92485478514

Name: Adeela

Age: 20

Interest: friendship, online chating

Whatsapp number: +92458963254

Name: Badriya

Age: 21

Interest: online dating

Whatsapp number: +92147852632

Name: Batul

Age: 23

Interest: chating and friendship

Whatsapp number: +92459633255

Name: Faiqa

Age: 25

Interest: friendship

Whatsapp number: +924514785



USA girls chat numbers and phone numbers list

Start exploring girls from USA and nearby cities of USA. make new friends from USA. we are giving USA girls mobile numbers and WhatsApp numbers for chat and friendship online. if you like cool USA girls and want some fun chatting and flirting with girls than you can try this. you can also comment your mobile number below with your name and city so any girls that want to contact you can easily find your number.


Australia girls real contact numbers

Australia and Sydney are the really nice places. you will get to know different culture from a different country if you have some online friends there. Start adding it online on your WhatsApp so you can enjoy chatting with romantic girls over WhatsApp. you also can video call or audio call on WhatsApp as it is free now. there are soo many things to talk about so you going to enjoy it definitely.

Olivia: +61857452145
Charlotte: +61145235685
Amelia: +61785412563
Ava: +61102520025
Mia: +61741025630
Chloe: +61458965201
Zoe: +61145200258
Evie: +61885744126
Sophie: +61356202201
Emily: +61457854541
Ella: +61741452569
Matilda: +61745212002
Grace: +61565620125
Ruby: +61965245452
Isabella: +61745258965
Isla: +61741425635
Ivy: +61785898504
Harper: +61745656256
Sienna: +61785965210
Lily: +61257854145
Scarlett: +61785625412
Emma: +613653241252
Zara: +61896525368
Evelyn: +61445214700
Lucy: +61747458210
Georgia: +61965236520
Willow: +6191520236
Isabelle: +61445263699
Sophia: +61412365252
Alice: +61756985210

Desi call girls Whatsapp numbers for night fun

get real desi call girls mobile numbers for chatting and meeting. you can pay the cost and take her to your place. there are many girls and female call girls in our list so you can enjoy free talking and night fun. there are a lot of girls from different cities that are giving her number for friendship and chatting so you can get one and make her friend.

Call girls name and numbers are listed here they are from Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. so if you are traveling to that location, you can call her for enjoyment.


Bangladesh girls real WhatsApp numbers

hello boys, anyone her from Bangladesh? I am Sonali from Dhaka, Bangladesh. i am really beautiful with good communication skill in English and other local languages. i maintained good figure and height and looks pretty. 😉 i am doing my degree and also working in private call center. i have few friends whom i chat and we hang out on weekends. but i do not have any online friends so if you want to be my friend and chat or friendship with me than you can message me on my WhatsApp number. i like cool boys and girls also. I also like Hollywood movies but I prefer the Bollywood Indian love songs. my hobby is dancing and singing and i will be model in future. if you are living in Dhaka than we can meet at any nearby coffee shop for a quick introduction. i am a romantic girl and like the same in a partner. i do not have any boyfriend so we can think of long-term relationship if you are interested.
here is posted my real Bangladesh WhatsApp number so you can easily find me on Whatsapp or you can send me a friend request on my FB id.

My personal dating details:

First Name: Sonali
Last Name: barani
Gender: Female
Religion: N/a
Language: Bengali, English, Hindi
Whatsapp Number: +88845210269
Hobbies: Singing , Cooking.
Occupation: Student
Town: Dhaka
City/State: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh

Uk cool girls WhatsApp numbers list **updated**

hello friends, i am jhona here. i am working in a hostel as a support coordinator near my home in my hometown. i am bio student and have completed my study. i am single and do not have any boyfriend right now. i like night parties and night outs, films, and music are the best things i love to do in my free time.
my age is 23 so if you like a mature aged girl than we can be good friends and we can meet out. i do not like teenagers so please stay away. if you are from another country than also you can chat with me on my WhatsApp. my UK London WhatsApp number is given below. we can be good friends online and do flirting and dating online on video or voice call.

My personal dating details:

First Name: jhona
Last Name: barani
Gender: Female
Religion: N/a
Language: English
Whatsapp Number: 854125695
Hobbies: painting
Occupation: Student
Country: United kingdom

Nigeria girls WhatsApp/skype numbers for friendship 2018 list

many people from Nigeria also requested to post Nigerian girls WhatsApp numbers list in a comment earlier so we decided to find some girls from Nigeria who are looking for online dating and want some new friends from different countries. here it is. we have compiled a list of cool Nigerian girls WhatsApp mobile numbers list for your boys and girls from all around the globe. they people are really friendly and lovely. you can be a friend of Nigerian boys and girls and chat with them on WhatsApp very easily. if you want to video call them then please ask permission first then you can do it for privacy reasons.

list of Nigeria girls WhatsApp numbers

Hostel girls WhatsApp numbers list

some of the hostel girls are really naughty and free all the day after college time. so if you are looking for nice college and school girls who lives in a hostel for studies, you can comment your number and name. get real girls mobile numbers from your college hostel is really difficult so you can search here for numbers.

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  2. Indian girls mobile number supposed to be of 10 digits😃After +91 code of India…
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  3. Hello to all the Gorgeous women out here. Im Degen. and I’m looking for FUN. Good times with good people
    I’m 38 +16627150747 (FEMALES only)

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