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Indian girls Whatsapp numbers for chatting and dating with Whatsapp friends

Hey guys, Today I posted some Indian girls WhatsApp numbers for chatting and dating and make a friend on Whatsapp or Facebook. Below girls Whatsapp number is true worked to chatting on Whatsapp. you can chat with Indian girls to add this Whatsapp numbers for your Whatsapp mobile and started chatting. and you can join Indian girls Whatsapp groups to comment your number in a comment box. and join Whatsapp groups in few minutes.

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Name = Chandani Sharma

Age = 23 years old

City = Pune

States = Delhi

Hobbies = Singing, chatting, painting, drawing

Occupation = Student

Facebook Username = Chandani Sharma

Whatsapp Number = +91802856525

Hello boys and girls from india, i am chandani Sharma from Delhi. i am 23 years old doing my masters in Delhi based commerce college. i like to make new friends online. i am the good looking girl with white color skin tone and i like to sing, painting and drawing.  you can chat with me on my facebook or WhatsApp. both facebook username and WhatsApp number are given above so you can easily contact me. if you do not find me than you can comment your name, city and WhatsApp numbers in below comment and i will contact you in my free time. we have to work on a project and want some real boys and girls from the different Indian city for online dating and fun for friendship. i have many girls WhatsApp groups where i will add your numbers so you can get a chance to meet other girls and boys from my city.

delhi girl

Name = Bhavna

Age = 25 years old

City =Surat

States = Gujarat

Hobbies = study, dance

Occupation = Job

Facebook Username =Topiwala Bhavna

Whatsapp Number = +91712585236

How are you all, Bhavana here from Surat, Gujarat. I am Gujarati girl from a big city of Gujarat state that is Surat. I like dancing and i am currently doing my job. i have completed my college last year. i do not have many friends here as I moved from Delhi to Surat some years ago. i want friends who chat with me online and we can hang out together if they are free and living in Surat. i would like to meet new people so you can get the best working balance. i am not that rich but i will pay all my bills on my own. so you can now get my WhatsApp numbers that is given above and contact me for fun and flirt chatting. 😉

real girls whatsapp numbers

Name = Neha Patel

Age =24 years old

City = Jodhpur

States =Rajasthan

Hobbies = dancing, singing, study, drawing

Occupation = Student

Facebook Username = Neha Cute Girl

Whatsapp Number = +91992950674

I am Neha from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. anyone here from Rajasthan?  boys and girls from my city or area can contact me anytime for a quick chat and friendship. I like to make new friends from any city from India or outside India also. I am good looking 24 old girl that like to singing. my WhatsApp number is given above so you can contact me directly. if i do not reply then you can comment your WhatsApp number in below comment box so I can personally contact you. you can start adding your city name, mobile number, and your name so I can get the best boy from all. I like cool boys and doctors so if you are one of them you can message me on my WhatsApp numbers.


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Name =Jaisree Patil

Age = 22 years old

City = Bardoli

States = Gujarat

Hobbies = chatting, dating, singing

Occupation = student

Facebook Username = No

Whatsapp Number = +91778400529

any boys or girls looking for a chat partner? I am jaisree from Gujarat, bardoli city. i am currently looking for a good friend who can talk with me and chat with me to share the life. i like 20-23 years age boy. i am 22 years old student doing my college here in bardoli. so if you are from the same place or near me than you can contact me for a meet. we can select any popular cafe or food place for meeting and introduction. more ever you can also message me on my mobile number. my phone number is given above in details. if you are outside India and want a cute Indian friend than also you can message me so I will can discuss and be friends.


Name = Nikita Gabani

Age = 24 years old

City = Mumbai

States = Maharashtra

Hobbies = Study, Riding, Dancing, Painting

Occupation = Job

Facebook Username = No

Whatsapp Number = +918585745020


Name = Nitya Jadeja

Age = 20 years old

City = Karol Bagh

States = Delhi

Hobbies = singing, dancing

Occupation = Student

Facebook Username = Nitya Jadeja

Whatsapp Number = +91612625008


Name = Dharti

Age = 26 years old

City = Chennai

States = Tamil Nadu

Hobbies = Novel Reading, Reading, Writing, Study, Dancing

Occupation = Tutor

Facebook Username = No

Whatsapp Number = +919229580286


Name = Priti Desai

Age = 22 years old

City = Surat

States = Gujarat

Hobbies = Study, chatting

Occupation = Job

Facebook Username = Priti Desai

Whatsapp Number = +91775968574


Name = Riya Patel

Age = 23 years old

City = Bhavnagar

States = Gujarat

Hobbies = Drawing, Dancing

Occupation = Student

Facebook Username =Ritu Patel

Whatsapp Number = +9166585025614


Name = Anshu Hudda

Age = 24 years old

City = Bengaluru

States = Karnataka

Hobbies = Painting, Drawing, Study

Occupation = Job

Facebook Username = Anshu Hudda

Whatsapp Number = +9178199941898

Name = Krishna Sharma

Age = 20 years old

City = Allahabad

States = Uttar Pradesh

Hobbies = Singing, Dancing, Study, Chatting

Occupation = Student

Facebook Username = Sharma Krishna

Whatsapp Number = +91969598471

You are interested in chatting with Above girls on Facebook then you can find above girls on Facebook and Send friends request. other is you can leave your Facebook name in the comment box.

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